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Intense Wi-Fi Performance Management

As opposed to other Wi-Fi management systems provided by wireless access point vendors, 7signal is the only WLAN performance management system which permits you to proactively manage and optimise Wi-Fi networks based on meaningful metrics and regular testing that takes into consideration the experience of the end-user.

Below are some of the 600 WLAN key performance indicators (KPI’s) that we measure and track everyday

  • Throughput
  • Packet loss
  • Connect rates
  • Latency
  • Retransmission Rates
  • Voice quality

The Sapphire System

7signal’s platform is a vendor agnostic solution which is compatible with any wireless access point. It gives you WLAN performance management and unlike others it produces Wi-Fi analytics instead of just CPU and memory utilization statistics.

As well as this, 7signal gives you information and directions for step-by-step WiFi network optimisation. 7signal’s Sapphire system provides the proactive care that is needed to discover and repair Wi-Fi issues before your users even notice anything was wrong instead of waiting for complaints from your customers to manage your Wi-Fi network.

System Benefits

Using 7signal Sapphire to manage your Wi-Fi network provides you with the following benefits:

  • Decreased outages and Increased throughput
  • Avert adding 1 or 2 Wi-Fi network engineers in a 1000-2000 AP network
  • Proactive alerts discover issues before users even notice
  • Documented Wi-Fi performance metrics and change verification
  • Prevent unnecessary investments – optimize existing Wi-Fi networks before upgrading

System Architecture

The WiFi Performance Management system is made up of a range of intelligent Wi-Fi sensors created by 7signal named Sapphire Eyes. These sensors implement continuous passive and active WLAN network testing.

Sonar. The sonar is the test endpoint in which The Sapphie Eyes communicate with. Active tests consist of latency, throughput, jitter, voice MOS and packet loss. The Eye and Sonar work with each other to provide end-user experience testing.

Carat. The Carat Server is the place that all active and passive test profiles are managed from. The calculations and measurements provided by the Eyes are stored within the Carat’s database as KPIs. The micture of active and passive tests provides you with a complete and holistic view of your network which enables you to analyse non-performing areas and use the Sapphire Analyzer user interface to find steps for remediation.

Sapphire Product Overview

Sapphire System Overview

WLAN Management & Network Assurance

The web based WLAN management system provides you with a Wi-Fi performance dashboard and Wi-Fi analytics suite.

The dashboard provides you with a single location to monitor various sites from, it is also colour coded for simple and quick recognition of areas, floors, rooms or buildings with ‘trouble’, ‘warning’ or ‘normal’ WiFi network status. You can also customise status indicators and alarms to align with the service level targets you have set for different WiFi networks.

Th following shows you how the user experience is not meeting service level targets:

Wi-Fi Analytics Software

The Wi-Fi analytics suite provides you with the ability to drill down and find the root cause of all WLAN issues. The detail is shown to you through charts and graphs which let you to track and trend Wi-Fi performance over time as well as perform correlation analyses based on a myriad of variables that are available to you. The reports generated can also be used to verify the effect of any changes that have been made to your Wi-Fi network. The reports are outputted as either text, CSV, or PDF files.